Beginners Stained Glass Class – Foiling



Beginners Stained Glass Class –
Foiling (aka. Tiffany)

Learn the basics of foiling stained glass in just one day!

My one-day introduction to the foiling method of leaded glass construction (sometimes called the Tiffany method) will give you a grounding in the fundamental techniques with plenty of hands-on experience with the tools we use, and lots of tips, tricks and a little history of modern stained glass.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. and we aim to have fun, while ensuring that you get plenty of hand-on practice in a stimulating and supportive environment. Our one day classes are suitable for anyone over 16, although we do advise that anyone with a medical condition that limits their hand strength or control contact us before booking to discuss.

With a maximum of 5 students in a class, you can be sure of plenty of attention and guidance throughout the day. And remember – everything you make, you can take home!

One-day copper foiling stained glass beginners class for up to 5 people

We start out by looking at the basic processes and tools we’ll be using:

  • Scoring and breaking glass, using oil-cutter, grozing pliers and cut runner
  • Preparing the glass for soldering using the grinder, copper foil and crimping tool
  • Soldering using a high-power soldering iron and solder and flux

We’ll take you through a demonstration of how we score and break glass, grind it in preparation for assembly, apply the copper foil, and then solder the panel on both sides.

Once comfortable with scoring and breaking the glass, we’ll give you a mini project to finish – giving you exposure to all the techniques and tools you’ll need for your afternoon project.

When we’re all ready for a break, we’ll have lunch at the nearby the nearby pub that featured in Thomas Hardy’s novels.

In the afternoon, we’ll get you started on a project piece which you’ll finish in time to take home! I will provide you with a choice of a number of designs (similar to ones we I sell for £40) and a selection of coloured glass to work with.

The course cost includes:

  • All materials, choice of starter designs and glass
  • Use of tools and protective clothing
  • Refreshments during the day and lunch at the local pub
  • Maximum class size 5 people
  • Information pack to keep with information on getting started, where to buy glass and tools, plus reminders on techniques
  • All your pieces to take home


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